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The Tories got us into this mess: a People's Vote is the way out

November 18, 2018 9:40 PM
By Judith Rogerson

Over the past week we've seen the Government fall into disarray in the wake of Theresa May's withdrawal deal with the EU. Reality is finally hitting home for those who led the campaign to leave the EU. They are starting to realise that their fantasy of a straightforward break from the EU just isn't possible. And shamefully many of them have jumped ship without offering any alternative plan.

Recent statements from arch-Brexiteers have revealed an extraordinary lack of understanding of what is at stake. The (now former) Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab astonishingly admitted that he 'hadn't quite understood' the importance of the Dover-Calais crossing. And Conservative MP Nadine Dorries criticised the Prime Minister's deal because it gives us 'no voice, no votes, no MEPs, no commissioner'. What did she think would happen after we left the EU?!

If Theresa May's deal is adopted, we will not 'take back control' but instead be subject to EU laws without any say in how they are made. How ironic that those like Boris Johnson who have vilified the EU for so long are now arguing that this deal means we lose the sovereignty that we've enjoyed for hundreds of years - sovereignty that we in fact never lost as a member of the EU.

This is not what people voted for when they voted to leave the EU. At the time of the 2016 referendum the meaning of Brexit was far from clear. In a democracy we are entitled to change our minds. Now that the true implications are clearer, the only way out of this mess is to allow the people to vote on that deal and confirm that this is what we really want for our country.

People's Vote March 23.6.18

I recognise that many people in our area voted to leave in good faith believing this to be the best thing for the country. However, the promises made by the Leave campaign will not be honoured. Brexit will make us a poorer country according to every Government assessment. There will not be millions of extra pounds per week for the NHS. There will be no quick and easy trade deals.

Very soon our MP, Andrew Jones, will be asked to vote on the deal in Parliament. This is a decision that will significantly impact upon our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren, for many years into the future.

The Prime Minister is selling this as a choice between her deal or a catastrophic no deal. But this is a false choice - there is an alternative option - and even she has now admitted that there is a 'risk' of no Brexit at all. The third option is to ask the people whether they still want to leave.

It is the Tories who have got us into this situation, and they are the ones who should be doing their best to prevent our country falling any further into crisis. I hope that Mr Jones will put the interests of his country and his constituents first by joining respected colleagues like Jo Johnson and Dominic Grieve who are supporting the campaign for a People's Vote on the final deal.

The Lib Dems have been campaigning for this for over two years. Back in 2016 it seemed like a remote possibility, but it is quickly looking more like it could become a reality. That's because a People's Vote is the only way out of this Tory manufactured mess.