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Recent updates

  • Article: Dec 10, 2018

    The Government is in absolute chaos. We are closer than ever to securing a People's Vote on Brexit, thanks to your hard work and support.

    Today Theresa May was forced into an embarrassing delay of her Brexit vote. She knew she was going lose by a huge margin. She is running scared.

    It's a huge moment, and it has been driven by Liberal Democrats.

  • Article: Dec 10, 2018
    By Vince Cable

    On 10th December 1948, history was made. The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    In the shadow of the Second World War, the nations of the world came together to declare that everyone - no matter who they are and where they live - has the same fundamental rights.

    With one voice, we pledged to "strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance."

  • Article: Dec 5, 2018
    By Bansri Buddhdev

    Parliament found the Conservative Government in contempt over its failure to release their Brexit legal advice

    Yesterday, Parliament found the Conservative Government in contempt over its failure to release their Brexit legal advice.

    So they are publishing the full advice this morning - and our team of experts are ready to pour over the detail and find out what they were trying to hide.

  • Article: Nov 27, 2018

    Climate Change isn't just an environmental problem, it's a human one too.

    Climate Change isn't just an environmental problem, it's a human one too.

    Look at our country - and the impact of weather extremes likely linked to climate change. This summer, Manchester's Moorlands were turned into an inferno. Food prices spiked as farmers struggled in an unseasonal heatwave. Back in March, parts of the country were brought to a standstill with massive snowfalls from the Beast from the East.

  • Crescent Gardens 24.11.18
    Article: Nov 24, 2018

    Read NYCC Councillor Geoff Webber's letter on the delayed the sale of the previous council offices in Crescent Gardens that was published in this week's Harrogate Advertiser:

    "Like many of your readers I have been surprised at the apparent lack of action on the sale of the previous council offices in Crescent Gardens. It is difficult for the public to understand why this is taking so long when we understood that the council had a buyer. There must also be concern about the deteriorating state of the building and the fact that business rates continue to be paid. There is also the cost of heating the building (of which a small part remains occupied, but not by the council) now that winter is upon us.

  • Article: Nov 23, 2018

    The latest report from Shelter has revealed that 1 in 52 people living in the capital are homeless.

    That's thousands of vulnerable people forced to go without food, warmth and a roof over their head.

    The report also shows that around 320,000 people are now homeless across the country.

    It's an absolute disgrace.

  • People's Vote March 23.6.18
    Article: Nov 18, 2018
    By Judith Rogerson

    Over the past week we've seen the Government fall into disarray in the wake of Theresa May's withdrawal deal with the EU. Reality is finally hitting home for those who led the campaign to leave the EU. They are starting to realise that their fantasy of a straightforward break from the EU just isn't possible. And shamefully many of them have jumped ship without offering any alternative plan.

  • Article: Nov 16, 2018
    By Jo Swinson

    It's taken us two years of negotiations with the EU to get a deal.

    But what we now have in front of us is a very bad deal for the United Kingdom. We are left rule takers not rule makers.

    The Liberal Democrats won't stand idly by and watch a Tory Brexit wreck our NHS, endanger our security and damage our economy

  • Article: Nov 15, 2018

    The plight of the Grove Academy, a pupil referral unit in Harrogate, hit the national headlines this week as it became apparent that it faces drastic funding cuts giving rise to concerns about its potential closure. There are plans by NYCC to reduce funding to PRUs across the county despite a rising demand for these services. The Grove Academy has recently been graded as 'Outstanding' by OFSTED and has achieved great results for pupils who have otherwise been excluded from education.

  • Article: Nov 12, 2018
    By Sal Brinton

    Across the Atlantic, Trump and his cronies are doing their very best to rewrite the definition of transgender out of existence. An agenda of social cleansing that feeds into his administration's insular and antagonistic narrative. We may like to think that Trump's views are in isolation, that his fear of difference does not seep to our shores, but it does.